Tuf-Stuf Wear Plates is seeking qualified partners to assist with our continuing growth. All products are sold exclusively through our dealer network. We foster a win-win environment for all dealers and always demonstrate a strong commitment to your success.

Why become a Tuf-Stuf dealer?

You will be providing a tangible value-added product to your customers while increasing your revenue.

The market is unsaturated allowing exponential opportunity.

Tuf-Stuf Wear Plates are the highest-quality within the industry.

Full technical assistance for any questions/issues that may arise.

Dealer support is highly-collaborative and proactive. We want you to be profitable representing our products.

Contact us

We appreciate your interest in partnering to sell Tuf-Stuf Wear Plate products. Please complete this brief online form to help us determine how we may work together. We would also like to know your preferred geographic market. In turn, a dealer representative will contact you to discuss working together.